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  Flexsteel Furniture manufactures seats for every use: residential, commercial, and vehicle. Combining smart design with an unchanging emphasis on quality, Flexsteel is truly an American success story. This is a company with a proud history and a brilliant future. Flexsteel is one of the finest products on the market, more than a century in the making. That's why we stand by it – for life. Long-lasting Flexsteel furniture is manufactured by well-trained people in a quality-controlled environment. You'll be impressed by our quality construction.


Flexsteel Recliners
Flexsteel Sectionals

Flexsteel Victoria Fabric 7394-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Darcia Fabric 7389-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Sierra Fabric 7377-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Serena Fabric 7356-31 Sofa with Nails

Flexsteel Serena Fabric 7356-31 Sofa with Nails

Flexsteel Sebastian Fabric 7332-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Rachael Fabric 5663-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Quincy Fabric 5662-30 Sofa

Flexsteel Payton Leather B3660-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Pearson Fabric 5661-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Payton Fabric 5660-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Wallis Leather 1479-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Denmark Leather 1477-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Hamlin Leather 1473-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Port Royal Leather 1373-31 Sofa

Flexsteel Colfax Leather 1295-31 Sofa

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